Rethinking your 2020 MARKETING Strategy?

March 26, 2020 | Written by Kara Williams
marketing strategy - customers - products - branding

Tips to keep social distancing from interrupting your message.


  • B2B business has changed as we know it. Vital in-person marketing and business development efforts, such as client lunches, networking events, and conferences have ceased.
  • A strong company brand is essential to enduring and thriving in the coming months.
  • Online presence and a Client Experience (CX) strategy is more important than ever.


Brand Audit.  What is your current position in the market compared to your competitors? Are there areas where you can stand out?

Client Empathy Mapping. Improve client experience by anticipating questions, needs, and behaviors during their journey. Identify opportunities to guide them towards positive outcomes, head off negative events, and create long-term relationships.


Website Audit. Can visitors find your site? Is your website welcoming and easy to navigate? Is your content relevant (and up-to-date?) Does your site convert visitors to leads?

Social Media Presence. Is your company profile consistent and up to date across all of your social channels? Are any of them dormant? What about the social presence of your key employees? Do they need training?


  • Reevaluate abandoned tactics and tools
  • Embrace new technology
  • Deploy an Employee Advocacy Program
  • Explore ways to maintain your company’s culture remotely
  • Find new ways to add value