Staying Connected with Clients During Trying Times

April 15, 2020 | Written by The Marketing Collective
professionals staying connected

Staying connected to clients and customers during a disruptive time can be challenging. Luckily, there are great resources available to help. Here are a few tips from Facebook Business:

  1. Consider a Live online event on Facebook or Instagram.
    • Interview someone in the “audience”
    • Include time at the end of the event for a Q&A session
    • Think about what type of Live series you could host
      • You could teach your audience how to do something
      • Weave in a product or service highlight
    • Before hosting, test Wi-Fi, audio, and cameras to get the best lighting and sound
  2. Make sure your customers know how they can reach you.
    • Share your email, phone, and web address in multiple places
    • Make sure contact info is easy to find
    • Share how you are keeping products, services, and employees safe
    • Let customers know how they can easily place an order, request a service, or ask for support
  3. If you aren’t available 24/7 for communication, consider using automated messages.
    • Facebook Business and Instagram offer automated responses to messages
    • Landline phones can roll over to a mobile device
    • Email responses can also be automated and customized with a reply letting customers know when they might expect a message from you

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