What are you doing today to get ready for tomorrow?

May 14, 2020 | Written by Kara Williams
closeup of writing a to-do list

Imagine it’s September. Things are back to normal. We can meet face to face. Travel is possible. Toilet paper is easy to buy. But things have changed. COVID-19 has forever changed the experience of being a customer, an employee, a citizen. Now is the time to start preparing for our “new normal.”

What you can do to be ready to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.  

The most important action any organization can take is to commit to the continuous improvement and learn from this experience.   

  1. Be a good listener
    Hearing the early signals from customers in terms of what they want and how they feel is always important but will become even more so. And in the same way, an organization’s ability to respond to these signals quickly and appropriately will be business-critical. Start listening now. Online audits, social media listening, preferred client calls, customer surveys…all great ways to listen and learn how you should continue to adapt to customer needs.
  2. Be nimble
    New customer realities will emerge. Watch innovation closely so you can continue to innovate within your business.  Innovation is not a one-off task that you can check off your list.  Innovation requires behavior change. Developing a direct connection between listening and pivoting should become a core business habit. Review your internal communication strategies and boost your tactics so you can quickly communicate opportunities with your workforce and build a culture of innovation.
  3. Be bold
    Ask yourself if your brand is future-fit for the “new normal”.  Are your core values reflective of your customers needs and your desire to help them grow in new and different ways. And do your daily actions reinforce those overarching values and goals.  Be honest with yourself and take time to do the needed assessments to know if your thoughts, ideas, and goals are bold enough.