7 Tips to Make Photos Stand Out on Social

July 20, 2020 | Written by Angela Bayless
hand holding a phone and taking a photo of a dog

Social channels bring brands and consumers together in inspiring and meaningful ways. With consumers taking a closer look at what brands have to offer them, now is the perfect time to develop a consistent look across your social platforms. We’ve developed seven tips that will help mobile photos convey your message better.

1. Choose the Best Light. Natural is best.

  • When shooting outside, make sure your subject is not backlit to avoid shadows on faces and objects.
  • Move the subject away from the background to create depth while minimizing shadows.

2. No Zoom, No Flash.

  • While these features are great to have on a mobile device, they should be used sparingly.
  • Zoom and flash features compromise focus and can add pixilation. Instead, move closer and use well-lit spaces.

3. Keep Snapping.

  • Take multiple photos from varying perspectives to ensure you’ve got one stand out photo. If possible, change angles, distance, and height.
  • This helps ensure that you end up with one great shot that’s in focus and interesting.

4. Be Cohesive.

5. There’s an App for That.

6. Use what you’ve got.

  • Sometimes it just isn’t possible to get up close. Instead, find an object near you like a sign, flyer, or interesting object and then use your words to craft a message that compliments what you’d like the concept to convey.

Stock is your friend.