B2B Marketing Strategies Designed to Help You End the Year Strong

October 06, 2020 | Written by Kara Williams
December 31st, end of year

It’s October, and it’s the perfect time to start planning your end-of-year and holiday marketing strategies. Here are some practical things you should be doing now, so that you are fully prepared to end the year on a high note.

Capture “use it or lose it” budget.

Many B2B organizations have a calmer holiday season than B2C companies and have budget left to spend. This budget is often “use it or lose it,” and your clients want to spend that money. Now is a great time to connect with your clients as well as prospects in your pipeline to see if they have any opportunities that you can quickly assist with to capitalize on existing budgets before they are lost.

Create holiday-themed content marketing.

Everyone is busy during the holidays, so plan your holiday-themed content now. Creating content that attracts interested prospects to you is a key marketing tactic. The content must be timely and relevant. So, at holiday time, holidays must be part of your content strategy. At TMC, we like to take some of our existing tip lists and add a holiday twist. We also like to feature our colleagues in fun ways – like wearing ugly sweaters! Holiday-themed content is great for your social media sites, blog, newsletters and drip email marketing campaigns.

Get your card ready to be mailed.

If you are taking the time to send a holiday card to your contacts, then you should take the time to make it something to remember. Consider a fun video or greeting card that shares your company’s human side. For customers, you may want to use this as a retention opportunity and highlight a new service. Customizing your cards to your business, your team and your clients’ needs will help you stand out from the pile of mail that comes this time of year.

Run end-of-year and holiday email marketing campaigns.

Take a page from the B2C handbook and run tailored email marketing campaigns that offer special deals during the holidays. The best way to get people to act fast is to give them a sense of urgency. When we hit December, everyone is counting down the days until the end of the year. Running limited-time promotions can help you capture remaining budgets and get in front of your clients and prospects one more time before the ball drops.

Make sure your website is ready.

As you prepare to take advantage of the holiday season, make sure your website is up to date, so you don’t risk losing a lead’s contact information. If you aren’t already using lead tracking on your website, now is a good time to get it set up, so you can follow up with new website visitors as soon as the new year arrives.