Been There, Done That - Here’s why companies need collective marketing.

August 18, 2018 | Written by The Marketing Collective
collective marketing strategy

Finding the right creative partner for your marketing project can be tricky. Do you go with the edgy startup, knowing they may not be able to deliver certain services? Or the big agency that does robust work…for a robust price? A growing number of companies are discovering a third option: Collective marketing connects companies with a seasoned team of creative experts — without all the question marks and overhead cost of traditional firms.

As our name suggests, The Marketing Collective is a group of people with marketing experience — an individual average of 21 years, to be exact. We’ve worked in just about every setting telling stories for banking and bulldozers.

Each of those experiences was unique, but sadly, we saw too many cookie-cutter solutions over the years. While many agencies want to be agile, their overhead is too high and their structure is too rigid to accommodate.

That got us thinking: Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop shop where everyone was an expert? A “supergroup” of writers, designers, brand architects and strategists at the top of their game. People we’ve worked with forever and can call on anytime a specific need arises. And imagine if we could do it all without the overhead of a traditional firm.

It turns out that our clients wanted that too. 

No frills, no fuss. Just creative strategy and execution you can count on. That’s the beauty of collective expertise.